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How to File 2020 KRA Returns for Employment Income on iTax Portal with your P9 Form

The deadline for filing your annual tax returns in Kenya is 30th June

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Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 5 minutes

To file KRA returns for employment income on iTax with your P9 form, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Access KRA iTax Portal Login

    On your web browser, access the KRA iTax Portal login on

  2. Login to your iTax account

    Input your login credentials i.e your PIN number, your iTax account Password, and the Security Stamp (the Arithmetic Question)

  3. Update your profession details (if Prompted)

    You may be prompted to update the details of your profession. Select the correct details of your profession from the drop-down list.

  4. Select the type of Employment Income returns you want to File

    Go to the “RETURNS” menu and select “ITR For Employment Income Only”. If you are a non-resident, Select “ITNR” Employment Income Only”.

  5. Select the Return Period

    Fill the “from” date field of the return period you are filing (1st January 2019). The “to” date field will populate automatically.

  6. Confirm Employment Income

    Select “Yes” on whether you have employment income and Click “NEXT” to go to “Section A”

  7. Fill in Tax Payer Information Details

    Fill in the correct taxpayer information details on “Section A”. If the answer is “No” to all questions, proceed to “Section F”. If any of the answers are “Yes” relevant sections will be populated.

  8. Confirm if iTax details tally with P9 form

    Fill and/or confirm the details in Section F (Total Employement Income), M, and T on iTax are the same as those on the P9 form provided by your employer.

  9. Input your personal relief

    On “Section T” which is titled “Tax Computation”, fill in your personal relief and confirm if all the figures match with those on your P9 form.

  10. Fill in any tax paid in advance (If applicable)

    If you have made any advance tax payments, fill the details on “Section Q”

  11. Submit your returns

    If all the details match with those on your P9 form, click on “SUBMIT”. If successful, your returns receipt will be generated.

  12. Download your returns receipt

    Click on “Download Returns Receipt” to get a copy of the receipt. You will also receive an automated receipt with the returns receipt attached.

  • Web Browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari
  • P9 Form obtained from your employer.
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